The same shoes two poor a thousand dollars mall unspoken rules dark prices

The same shoes two poor a thousand dollars mall unspoken rules dark prices

obviously in a foreign country is an ordinary consumer goods into the domestic market to raise prices suddenly become "petty" and "fashion" after byword. Recently have lamented users in the United States: An ordinary beverage store for only $ 3 per cup, and it became a "grade" place in China.

Reporter survey found that 12 oz cup of coffee in the United States converted into RMB about $ 20 cheaper than the price of a $ 30 domestic five in the country, and a cup of American coffee sold for 30 yuan, 83% higher than the U.S. price.

Many consumers can not help but question why a large number of foreign brands of goods into China "worth" times up? The experts pointed out that in addition to tariffs, trade, transportation, and other reasons, many consumers the kind of "non-expensive goods do not buy" mentality but also boost foreign "supermarket goods popular in the country.

Phenomenon: a pair of shoes at home and abroad differential thousand dollars

Mr. Wang is a big fan of the ecco, "but I rarely buy domestic ecco shoes, because purchasing from abroad plus shipping costs are only one-third of the domestic counter price." Mr. Wang told reporters show him to find someone from British to buy a business shoes , plus freight price of 750 yuan, "and I looked in the department store counters the same paragraph the price is 2399 yuan."

Analysis: "do not buy non-expensive" to push up prices

In fact, the data show that the existence of the spread of the commodity is not limited to brand footwear. A business sector survey shows, watches, luggage, clothing , wine, electronic products of these five categories of products, 20 brands of luxury goods, the price difference at home and abroad.

However, some brands to retain the domestic market have increased the overseas market price of the product, while reducing the price of the Mainland in order to narrow the two spreads, Clinique [microblogging] butter, for example, the price of HK $ 20 per bottle in Hong Kong, priced at 360 Hong Kong dollars (288 yuan), while lower prices in the Mainland 20% of the price of 340 yuan.

Insiders pointed out that, in addition to taxes, which are also associated with domestic consumer psychology, "A lot of people will be directly based on the price to determine the brand is good or bad, so many brands to cater to consumer psychology play the price card." More brand, insiders said, "Some consumer mentality, you do not buy the commodity pricing expensive but still able to sell moving."

Phenomenon: both of the same goods and one hundred yuan

Same experience spreads are Miss Liang, "I bought last month in Guangzhou Mopark, double-CAT climbing shoes , kick% discount 1190 yuan. "When she was a business trip to Shanghai last weekend, but found that the the The Landmark CAT with paragraph mountaineering shoes priced at 898 yuan, and shopping malls are engaged in activities, down conversion is less than 500 yuan.

The fancy a ZARA coat Chen in Hong Kong, but can not find the style she wants ZARA store in Guangzhou.
Analysis: mall "hidden rules" dark prices

Senior industry sources, the same unified brand in domestic counter price, but do not rule out some mall "slotting allowances". According to reports, the goods into the shopping malls, supermarkets, slotting allowances, slotting fees, advertising fees, promotional fees, New Year, etc.. "Malls to smoke from 20% to 30% of the points, and each one has a profit of distributors, the prices have gone up."

Not only that, the different branches of the same brand in different cities and even the same city will also appear in different styles. Informed sources said, to ZARA, for example, each store manager, according to the city and its face of the characteristics of the consumer groups, choose a style suited to their own store.

Independent commentators Magang said, "due to department stores and specialty stores preferential price difference. To ZARA example, its cargo unified global distribution logistics center in Spain, may be due to increased freight costs at home and abroad appear spreads. "

Three phenomena: fast fashion brands only heavy or not heavy

Miss Li in Guangzhou China Plaza H & M store to buy a silk shirt, come home and find a lot of lint in clothes lined. Studying in France, Qin said, "love visiting these stores in the country sale about tory burch outlet , as ZARA, H & M goods update fast." But in France only to find that these brands are not the high-end brands in their own imagination. "

Analysis: Fast new ignore quality

According to industry sources, since last year, these fast-fashion brand to become "regulars" in the list of substandard products around the country industry and commerce, quality inspection departments, in endless color fastness, PH value and fiber content.

A professionals engaged in textile testing revealed that general, apparel detection time takes 3 to 5 days the failed clothing, re-examining the need 7 to 10 days, For fast fashion enterprises, delayed one day may lead to tory burch boots products Unable to shelves.

"Fast fashion brands tend to focus only on the degree of style and fashion, clothes and their quality is often overlooked." Independent commentator Magang said.

The fast fashion clothing production how to crack quality problems? The apparel industry to industry sources, the fast fashion is a two-edged double-edged sword ", and also brand Tory Burch Tumbled Leather Elle Brown Boots rapid response mechanism and quality control to find the most healthy a balance between.

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