Venture madman about rack Shi Yuzhu

Venture madman about rack Shi Yuzhu
usinessmen Introduction: one claims to be able to cure the ills of the pillow rhinitis, an arrogant clamor let Shi Yuzhu to become the world's richest man, the young kid, the secret of the outflow from Shiwandashan a millennium, a market of hundreds of millions of people look forward to the superposition of various factors, will create what kind of business?
[tory burch outlet "Shi Yuzhu! whether this project can make you become the richest man in the world?" in April 2010, of the World Forum on such a post, but soon came to nothing;
"Welcome to stars and celebrities to receive a free can cure rhinitis pillow!" January 27, 2012, or the End of the World Forum, a post onto the scene, is still just a flash in the pan.
A pillow cleared rhinitis pillow, the protagonist of the two posts are from the foot of Guangxi Shiwandashan Posted've got national invention patent monopoly rhinitis pillow Zhao. His company is called "Yian" - one hundred million rhinitis patients well-being.
The ignorance fearless entrepreneurial madman, or Zhicungaoyuan the doer? With this question, we went to Guangxi Qinzhou, the growth in Shiwandashan foot of the magical kid to visit.
The billiards kid barbaric growth
Backed by the Shiwandashan, facing the Beibu Bay, Guangxi Qinzhou Zhao hometown. Perhaps subtropical climate gave birth to Zhao Wei's bold vision and courage of character. From small to large, he was determined to do the things they want to go to your place to go, saying he wanted to say.
In 1998, only 21-year-old Zhao fell in love with the game of billiards, but soon hit the first shot of the rivers and lakes of Guangxi Qinzhou status. The mad about billiards sports Qinzhou of young people will be like his obsession with billiards, arises the idea of ​​open billiards City. Thing left to do now do, or you'll never do, then Zhao despite family opposition, opened billiards City to borrow money to friends and family. He thought that the business will be crowds on fire, but it did not; Even if we own billiards technology, people do not like tennis and more, the business is naturally at a loss. In 2001, Zhao Wei can not support billiards City had to close the first venture failed.
To do one Master and servant first learn how to behave. Business fail, Zhao this bitter experience, setting the origin of their second venture - to work. He finds, people certainly do not work bad boss. In the next four years, Zhao encouraged to go start a company salesman. This experience, on the one hand sharpen his will, on the one hand to promote his persistent efforts to learn about doing business knowledge, to supplement their own inadequate.
Outside of work, he read hundreds of inspirational articles from constantly sum up. When read from the shadow falls to climb up again the story of the rise of Shi Yuzhu, Zhao Wei will soon feel the blood boiling, seems to be what kind of force to burst out. He is more firm, and a life of ease is not what you want, lifetime mediocrity than he hoped, the entrepreneur is his continued pursuit.
In 2006, Zhao Wei's second venture takes off, he and a friend opened a "partner in the Qinzhou Port Health Park nourishing stew" fast food restaurant business is very popular.
One thing will be done, do it right; does not dry, chaos dry, dry times, will naturally dry, but, first of all, you want to dry. Fast food restaurant just opened, Zhao unable manpower own what had to be done almost work 20 hours a day, often to go out to the delivery boy, busy dizziness steering. Although busy, Zhao Wei was very happy, after all this time the venture was very successful, to own tough it is worth. Gradually, the fast-food restaurants, and more prosperous business, he twice widening fast food restaurant decoration. 2009, he has been accumulated to make the life of the first one million.
Young Yi frivolous. "I was excited to get a little dizzy, after all, is the first to make so much money. Then I also think, if I open a hotel, will 10 1000000? For this purpose, I have to emerge to the idea to open a hotel, hoping to earn more money. thought that million soon boondoggle. "Zhao smiled playfully up.
Opportunity in the corner
Start on the road to success and failure repeatedly, but Zhao this always maintained an optimistic attitude: "I can accept failure, but we can not accept never fought, so I have been struggling with."
In fact, to open the hotel nor Zhao hotheadedness imprudent. Zhao Wei with a partner, I visited Featured Hotels in Beijing, Guangzhou, Shunde, Dongguan, Chengdu, Chongqing, Nanning, side try to eat, while studies people's menu, he saw all the menus are in the pre-opening shot down with the camera carefully studied. Ill-prepared to work, and he flew with the previous partner, opened the hotel.
In 2009, a company called "Soup Kitchen City" hotel opened, Zhao catch on big dry up. Genuine practice, Zhao was found open fast food restaurant run hotel is simply different business philosophy and experience to open a fast food restaurant to open hotel unworkable; coupled with poor management, shareholders disagreement hotel every month at a loss status. He watched invested 100 million ducks and drakes tory burch flats , but was powerless to restore, choose to continue or simply closed down, Zhao facing tough choices, his whole also took a downturn.
On the most difficult time in the hotel business, hotel, a waiter offend a frequently visit the hotel's large customers. To retain customers, Zhao Wei panic, remembered in Guangxi Shiwandashan next town relatives to send several cures rhinitis homemade pillow, is said to be an elderly traditional remedy the system, then immediately hold a pillow took came out and said: "I'm very sorry to make up for our mistakes, and I send each of you a pillow, this pillow is a traditional remedy used herbal medicine production, dedicated to the treatment of rhinitis with, you can have it forwarded to your family or friends ... '
Who would have thought, Zhao serendipitously had an idea, even open a whole new world for themselves. A month later, the customer specifically visits, said to go back to trial the pillow, the effect is particularly good, hope Zhao sending several pillow.
Qinzhou is not limited circle. Zhao seems pure things of life, actually a mass ten, spread, spread in their circle of friends. This biography does not matter, victimized Zhao confused every time guests to dinner, and want the boss to send them a pillow. Zhao handmade pillows are made of various herbs collected first Shiwandashan back processing herbs crushed into powder form, configured recipe, herbs stuffed into pillow bags, vacuum packaging process, a pillow production completed, Zhao named for "rhinitis pillow". Less than a month, Zhao sent out 100 pillows, the whole of his toes.
The opportunity mostly hiding in the corner. Two months later, many guests rhinitis pillow praised Zhao Wei, Zhao Wei also feel happy, and he did not expect to the pillows actually have so much effect. Then again, there are a lot of customers said that investment in the production of this pillow with Zhao partner. Zhao suddenly realized that the real business opportunity here!
Small pillow business opportunities
Follow past habits, Zhao careful investigation rhinitis market, found that nationwide rhinitis patients up to 270 million, and most difficult to cure. Over the past decade, with the changes in air quality, rhinitis incidence rate of 3% to 5% annually in increased of rhinitis treatment difficult and how to select the correct and efficient rhinitis treatment has been a common concern of doctors and patients.
Rhinitis treatment mainly in the following four ways: oral medications, injectable drugs, nasal wash treatment, surgery. Medication side effects, and it is difficult to cure, treatment can only alleviate the symptoms of rhinitis and nasal wash, high risk of costly surgical treatment, the likelihood of recurrence.
Zhao rhinitis pillow is based on Chinese herbal medicine in vitro penetration and smells illnesses therapy principle, let magnolia flower, Xanthium, Silver Flower, Angelica, silkworm excrement, mint, saffron, Andrographis, geese do not eat Chinese herbal medicinal properties through points over the head rhinitis and skin infiltration of the affected area, the pharmacodynamic concentrated so nasal dry and breathable, Qingrejiedu, Qufeng Tongqiao, anti-inflammatory swelling. Meanwhile, the nasal tissue to restore the immune system, the rhinitis symptoms followed all disappear.
Huge market, a rare opportunity, Zhao hotels and other industries are handed over to professional managers to take care of a drilling rhinitis treatment market. In 2009, Zhao collect part of the treatment of cases and other information, officially declared a national patent obtained national invention patent, after two years of waiting, a pillow cleared rhinitis pillow.
In the long waiting process, Zhao has not been idle, he began to round test adjust rhinitis pillow herbal formulation and production process, to respond to the needs of the national market tory burch sale .
After continuous adjustment, he eventually locked herbal medicines produced Shiwandashan. The Shiwandashan, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, southwest important climatic divide. The mountains were a northeast to southwest direction, southwest stretching Vietnam. More than 170 km long, 15 to 30 km wide. Here is not only a beautiful stone United States, and the air is fresh and unusual, negative oxygen ions per cubic centimeter 162,000 plant species is more than 1890 kinds of, is a natural treasure house of Chinese herbal medicines. Perhaps it is this unique climate and environment created a of a pillow cleared magic treatment effect.
Zhao Wei while adjusting the optimal product formulations, side to start thinking about the future: a pillow cleared to do the national market will certainly require a large investment, since people are willing to invest, why not find a celebrity to invest in them? The name Shi Yuzhu immediately flashed out.
In April 2010, to the attention of the Shi Yuzhu, full of entrepreneurial passion, he left at the End of the World Forum: "Shi Yuzhu! Whether this project can make you become the richest men in the world," the post, posts not only sink quickly, and brought in friends shelling, are classified as false advertising. "Estimate I expression is not good enough, the sentence said is the truth, I did not expect others to think that I am a liar. Joke when to smile, fun Well." Zhao Wei, now in retrospect, is still could not stop laughing.
Eventually, his partner of many years of cooperation Jiansheng joined cleared pillow camp.
The varied pace of slow and fast
"This is the era of a fast fish eat slow fish, do the national market must be fast, but must be too slow to do the market model to all the problems thought is often said that 'all problems nipped in the bud'!" Zhao Wei cleared for a pillow to develop a strong sense of rhythm slow after the fast market strategy.
Zhao found to make a pillow cleared success was recognized by the majority of buyers, the small range of word-of-mouth alone before sent out over 300 pillows accumulation is not enough. After practice, the heart of the efficacy of the product to grasp the full, but they can not know how to let other onlookers convinced.
Ready to fly had hair, although confidence in the effectiveness of the product, but in fact has just sent into the sale, Zhao Wei was not practical. Hesitate to tangle in February 2012, a pillow cleared the first store built in Qinzhou City Ming Yang Street, across the road is the First People's Hospital of Qinzhou City.
Opened at the beginning, this is not any advertising shop occupies a geographical advantage, the product is placed in the target consumer groups under the eyes. However, I bought did not effect how to do "questions again and again sounded Zhao ear into the store and more turnover less Zhao heart playing drums. He is not worried about coming back, but how to lift barriers to consumers first contact with a pillow clear it?
Zhao Wei, after deliberation, the combined effect of monitoring before and during the trial of a pillow cleared rhinitis pillow the bold month invalid for a full refund as a pillow clear most significant sales logo. Both an enterprise of Qinzhou, boss and locals, the natural advantages of this move Zhao Wei and rapidly melting glaciers lie in between the of initial consumers with a pillow cleared rhinitis pillow.
This trick also Zhao Yian become the focus on the promotion of enterprises in Qinzhou City Science and Technology Bureau to determine.
With the month invalid for a full refund "commitment, quickly opened the market. No advertising support stores, each month has been able to sell the 200 pillow cleared rhinitis pillow. Despite the sales process or a return rate of about 5%, but Zhao frankly: "Because of the patient's individual differences, individual patients without obvious effect is normal, not normal use will also affect the final results, especially in patients with severe symptoms should be used continuously for two to three months to produce results. "some rhinitis patients need to use two pillows to heal, often choose to return because impatient. However, most people use for efficacy sure you can lift the veil from Taobao evaluation. Cleared pillow slow market strategy did not stagnation.
April 26, the opening of a pillow cleared Qinzhou mid-Feng shop; June 25, a pillow cleared Guigang store opened in Guigang Jintian Road 63 the Insein Parkway supermarket entrance store opening of a new store design matures, a pillow and Qing style store design.
Two months to open a direct sales stores speed, Zhao Weijing down looking for a shop on the issues to be addressed in the design of the next guest. From the first store in February of this year, and have now completed the upgrading of the third store. In addition to store design, according to the end consumer feedback, herbal appetite for different people, Zhao began to develop the planning product upgrades, will further segment the market, the introduction of specialized products for different populations.
Presented to the test marketing to the official shop sales, Zhao toss a in Qinzhou market has been more than two years, but through Taobao store sales and friends gift gifts the, a pillow Qing fame has long been out of even the Qinzhou Guangxi. Shenzhen, a drugstore chain admiring launched several rounds of negotiations with Zhao Wei, hope can a pillow clearing products introduced the chain drugstore sales. Zhao persist in the Qinzhou surrounding areas open my own business when a friend of his advance to Sichuan to go staking capture the market.
From Mingyang shop and mid-Feng shop Taobao shop data show that the the secondary buy a pillow cleared rhinitis pillow proportion more than 25%, which makes Zhao With compete in the national market emboldened.
In June 2012, in order to make up for their lack of lack of operating experience in the national market tory burch shoes , Zhao taken Guangxi, Shanghai Chi put marketing management companies set a pillow Qing National Marketing Center in Shanghai, with Shanghai as the center began to plan the country market. Outlets in Shanghai has entered the site selection phase.
Slow and fast in fact, just the relative speed towards the success of the first step critical to the courage and the others do not like. Zhao Wei has undoubtedly taken the first step to success. Between a slow and a fast, Zhao Wei has occupied the commanding heights of pure Chinese medicine treatment of rhinitis.
In fact, failure is often just a block leading to the stepping stones for successful pinnacle. Experienced failure, Zhao believes that he will fail this stepping stone to step on the foot. This time, must not be lost, it will not beneath.

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