Misty rain favorite two things, one is long hair, the other is the shoes!

Misty rain favorite two things, one is long hair, the other is the shoes!

Misty rain shoes like a hair more, than art in the isabel marant sneakers which corner can own interest. But, sir had to in the garage side wall please person dozen fine grinding sand shoes cabinet, three layer, upper whole-colored white, middle whole-colored coffee. Bottom all black. Like a big military parade as long short, high short all shipshape in rows. Like and shoes in the scores like, misty rain buy shoes in frequency than walking speed. Memories, misty rain of shoe urgent need is in five years old, seems to be this before this is not through the shoes, but mother resolute don't agree, not through the shoes with our cold winter how to spend?

See you bright and clean and feet! Can be misty rain suddenly wake up, suddenly found that barefoot clip in the pile is the unprecedented didn't cicada hoarseness afternoon. Like the evil like, the scene in the misty rain often dream, bare feet distress fear standing in the midst of all, want to run but feet as lead shall not be moved. In fact, five years old that afternoon misty rain is barefoot ran out of the crowd, and ran home misty rain also pulled out the baseboard already did not have the big four a thorn. Misty rain no longer bare feet into the river run, no longer in soft sand printed on small feet extension, misty rain feel fear.

Light feet and death are not linked, but misty rain see death. The characteristics of village greater than themselves at the age of six or seven nini is because pick up fell into the river shoes to drown, originally, lass is escape beat her keep fruit, can lass new plastic sandals in the stampede when fell into the river, her companion said, nini like save his life as splash is immediately jumped into the water with a splash when a chilly beautiful white lotus flower, the afternoon outside the village of cicada, lead the life keep like the sound, misty rain weak body crowded to the front, he saw the nini bubble of bleached delicate feet, can the feet like tu of the pale grey of stone, in the dense hot air summer afternoon dense cold.

Then misty rain no matter how to want to wear shoes, fit me don't fit me, be able to bear or endure look not able to bear or endure look doesn't matter. On the junior high school, misty rain like elongation of bamboo GaBa GaBa will flee to high, shoes also exceptionally don't wear well. A pair of more than ten yuan shoes it goes without three weeks time is just a flower. Misty rain most afraid of is physical education, sports teacher have a habit of always will be next before the beginning of the class into two groups of men and women for meters competition. That time, misty rain is usually walk to the end of a week, two physical education, it is unable to consumption two pairs of shoes. Sports isabel marant suede dicker boots teacher is loud shout: "misty rain, the roadside scenes is?" Nobody misty rain, gently laugh, but face turns red to long neck root. Misty rain have two months since morning exercise between the record, class log records is ill.

In fact only misty rain know is shoes, shoes rush falls. In the early ninety s, a small country town of atmosphere far from television that open. Men and women classmate relationship is limited to send and receive homework glance, but it also only belong to extremely scarce lesson representative of patent. Can atmosphere again how block, the youth young ignorant is not closed. Misty rain most afraid at noon when operating male classmate push hard. In fact, some girls like it. The boys at this time to the girl is often they think perfect match of the. Can be misty rain don't like, misty rain shoes don't allow, no matter who is pushed to the body, are sure to have stepped on shoes. So, every morning exercise between, misty rain always hide in among girls for protection.

Misty rain end is no escape, day day cold, the campus is located at the foot of the mountain, three face open, t like the wind howling wolves tore at the red flag spluttered branches straight ring. This action as stimulant inspired the boys morale, he gave the order in the team at the moment of disarray in the north of the misty rain delay by the boys whoa howled and push heavy, along with isabel marant beige sneakers fell to the ground. Pushed in the body is the commissary in charge of sports, misty rain didn't even have the shyness, hurried to see shoes. Be heavy stepped on a foot that will only help tear. This is the winter misty rain only a pair of cotton shoes. Then, misty rain please the false, the teacher in charge joy bloom, two months without between morning exercise, all used to learn science, not sorrow not to take an examination of "number one scholar" come back. Later, misty rain tests in the top.

Cotton shoes tear, misty rain have been at the desk received a pair of cotton shoes, from the commissary in charge of sports awkward manner of misty rain guessed is his. Misty rain didn't even come and see the color of the shoes design is helter throwing it to the wall outside, to feel wrong return to looking for it is already disappear without a trace!. Misty rain will not dare to face commissary in charge of sports, until now. Now the misty rain like a pair of shoes is this year autumn "kiss cat" hits the version black boots, beautiful!

Can be misty rain nearly a meter height on the six or seven feet have six or seven centimeters high to son shoes like walking on stilts three feet platform in the shuttle, it is very its bitter. Contemplate repeatedly, shoes again beautiful, ultimately foot more valuable. When the shoes did not even hurt feet, might as well throw off even barefoot on. Longitudinal are loathe to give up.

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