Bad boys go to fashion avenue

Bad boys go to fashion avenue

Even if talented, but these years at the mention of Alexander McQueen, evaluation has

always been the poles.Like love his creativity, not like of the person in question is

also his creative excessive.

Even if talented, but these years at the mention of Alexander McQueen, evaluation has

always been the poles.Like love his creativity, not like of the person in question is

also his creative excessive.The tiger came from the red hot topic designer to fashion

box office poison, this winter, when British agitation again massive attack, Alexander

McQueen the authentic British fashion spokesman, his chance to?He will how to persuade

fashion big group to prove his market potential?He prepared what makes people sit up and

take notice of the secret weapon?

The launch of new McQ series, indicates the former "London bad boys" and sent to new.A

lot of people said Alexander McQueen change well-behaved, but in one's heart that he is

still with strong London accent boy, 37 years old but young and take some conspiracy

color character style, conversion growth for more worth looking forward to the design

series.In McQ debut, road movie, 60 s...Obviously influence the expression of clothing

form and details.Facing the Nicolas Ghesquiere for the French fashion house BALENCIAGA

perfect deduce English riding outfit, Marc Jacobs precise interpretation of the streets

of London fashionable and mix build, Alexander McQueen's McQ shaping is another point of

view: a dyed-in-the-wool, more feeling of life style of contemporary England on behalf


  Business do not change distinct personality

Alexander McQueen was born in Britain civilian class, my father is a taxi driver and my

mother worked as a teacher and later became the pedigree scholar, he is six children by

the at home is like a little sheep.He is very romantic, but attention should be paid to

don't literally take love to a joke, in 2000 he in the beautiful Ibiza island, held a

very alternative "wedding".For a friend, he is iron to faithfully.A year ago, when his

super good friend Kate Moss went out of whack, McQueen openly in their shows, with "we

love you, Kate" to express the precious friendship.Of course, for he doesn't like people

and style, he will also relative truth, for example, David Beckham."I am in the fashion

circle me.but these years, have learned to be polite, but sometimes it is hard to avoid

making some glitches."McQueen said it open, like the interview, he TuiTuo many times,

but eventually accept the "rainbow Madame Figaro" telephone interview, in Kent's home,

there was a message that he is still full of temptation and distinct personality of men.

For months, he announced to the public for two important event: one is introduced a new

perfume "My Queen";Another thing is the launch of new vice line "McQ".Reading the

fashion news, let a person found McQueen change (or have to compromise?, but he don't

think this is a kind of concessions.Belonging to PPR luxury group, with its big boss

Gucci the heavy pressure, he was obviously become more business, but this is not a bad

thing, fashion is a good business, this is the new rules of the game, Alexander McQueen

design originality early no doubts, he also absolutely have the ability to do more well

-regarded and even sold well.

On the other hand, we have to admire Alexander McQueen foresight, McQ series of launch

is McQueen own idea, not the Gucci.It reflects the current fashion new momentum -

designers to began to attract the young but not the most wealthy consumer groups,

including the Galliano, isabel marant sneakers etc have noticed the trend, but McQueen is doing

the best, because he always keep on young trait most clear and true.

  Rebel not desperate

"A lot of years, I have been thinking about this matter, hope to make young people can

accept my design, this is a kind of fill generation gap method, McQ not so affectation,

younger more trendy, but it also can find some classical design, can for those full of

vigor of the young women with a choice, but it is not that desperate rebel."Alexander

McQueen explain the.Obviously, the new series send out the temperament origin in Britain

in the 1960 s modern pie, but don't think only smoke tube trousers, a bad boy bad girl's

image, and simplified the connotation of this series, "in addition to music beyond, I

think road movie more reflective of 50 or 60 s atmosphere, like the buffalo 66", "the

Paris Texas" or "bettas", draw the outline of a piece of the vast expanse of the United

States land... in this sense, I prefer new German Wim Wenders film director and his eyes

of the western United States."

At present, the series has been McQ around the world more than 400 home hot sales

outlets, sales accounted for 35% of the total performance McQueen to 40%, and the number

for the Gucci group boss Robert Polet down the new isabel marant suede sneakers , and his strong request the

2007 profits, "otherwise, this new life brand will be sold as PPR, Stella McCartney.We

listen to not to come out Alexander McQueen is worried about it, but at the moment the

full of intelligence and courage of men have no reason to worry, after all, he is a

talented person, have master tailor Savile Row cultivation, studied the London st

Martin's college, special experience and talent let him into the fashionable circle will

set the world on fire.

  Paranoid genius or rational

Dare to break a rut, Alexander McQueen is the most attractive trait.Like he design of

low waist pants, the challenge is to you to low waist level of a limit, also drew a

ticket to his design constantly copied.But he is a strange idea, his design always

controversial, show on field have been of the disabled, he for H&M design in picture

full skeleton head...Fashion comment think his art creative in the clothing design is

show incisively and vividly, as he is very fond of British artists Damien Hirst

style.Alexander McQueen tell us, British contemporary new media artist Sam Taylor -

Wood, style special photographer Joel Peter Witkin and Nick Night, and surrealism master

Hans Bellmer and his "spherical joint doll" and other works, he loved art and grade,

superb, these obsessive interest and love, permeate in his design of the clothes.

Sometimes excited sometimes quiet, McQueen said now living state of the peace and

harmony, he like to stay in the country, quiet living environment to relax him, bring

him endless imagination and creativity.isabel marant dicker boots Bad boys in the face of a wave another wave of

severe test, he be rational, is still the most fashionable circle read one of the focus.

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